Tuesday, November 26, 2019

HR – Apply Leave using RICT Device

BPM has the provision to apply leave using RICT Device.Pre-Condition for Leave:

  • Day Begin should have been performed.
  • Printer attached with device is working

Steps to be followed for Leave Request on the device are:

1) Go to LOGIN → Click DEMOBOOKING → Click Leave → Click APPLY LEAVE2) BPM will enter the GDS ID (Mandatory).
3) In case GDS ID is less than 8 digit or does not match with the data present in the system, then, system will prompt an error message on the screen as shown below

Post validation of GDS Employee Id, BPM will select ‘Gender (Mandatory)' of GDS employee from the dropdown list.

5) On the basis of selected gender, BPM will select 'Type of Leave (Mandatory)' from dropdown list.
  • If BPM selects gender type as Male, following type of leaves will be shown:

If BPM selects gender type as Female, following types of leave will be shown :

If BPM selects 'GDS-Paid Leave' as type of leave, leave balance for that particular GDS employee will be auto populated on screen.

Post selection of Type of Leave, BPM will enter Reason (Mandatory)'.

8) After entering reason, BPM will select 'From Date'(Mandatory) and 'To Date'(Mandatory) from the calendar. He/she can select only current/future date to apply leave.

 In case BPM selects past date as 'From Date' or 'To Date', system will prompt an error message on the screen as shown below:
9) Total number of days for which the leave is requested will populate on the screen on the basis of 'From Date' and
'To Date’.
10) BPM will enter the following details to proceed further as shown below:
 Employee Address1 (Mandatory)
 Employee Address2 (Mandatory)
 Substitute ID (Aadhar ID) (Mandatory)
 Substitute Name (Mandatory)
 Substitute Address1 (Mandatory)
 Substitute Address2 (Mandatory)
 Substitute Age (Mandatory)
 Substitute Qualification (Mandatory)

 Substitute ID (Aadhar ID) should be 12 digits only
Substitute's Age cannot be less than 18 and cannot be greater than 65.
11) System will validate the mandatory details given by the customer and proceed with the submission of the Leave
12) On completion of submission process, system will prompt dialog box as shown below:

13) Printing of Leave Request details is optional. After completion of process, a message will appear on screen as shown in the below screen shot.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Points to remember Post CBS-CSI GL Integration [Gist]

  1. GL Integration is strictly automatic mapping of CBS-Finacle GL Code to CSI GL Codes.
  2. Finacle Must be logged in through PoS (Point of Sale) only
  3. All CBS Transactions will be reflected in CSI Daily Account Automatically
  4. No Voucher Posting of CBS Transactions neither through “F-02” nor through“ZBF07” or any Utility Tool, etc., should be done including the transactions of BOs,which have done through Device. However, for McCamish- PLI/RPLI Transactions,the existing procedure of Voucher Posting to include in CSI, will continue
  5. For Cash Loading/Removal in ATM, “CTM” command should only be used instead of “CXFER”
  6. Cheque Liability creation for maturity amount of any scheme should be done by debiting the GL – 4200030013 (Postmaster Cheque Account - 0340) and crediting the One Time Customer.
  7. Daily Account of current date will be generated on the next day only 
  8. All entries of Finacle Delivery Channels i.e. ATM, Internet Banking etc., will be accounted in the respective Account SOL; ATM Cash will become cash of respective ATM SOL.
  9. Hereafter, Interest Booking, Interest Application, Inter-SOL balancing entries etc., would be part of Daily Account items.
  10. All the transactions though reflecting in Daily Account of the SOL, Cash balance will not be affected, since they are tallied against ISO or RSAO transactions
  11. New reports are made available in CBS-Finacle for both production and MIS Server through “HFINRPT”
  12. Transactions done in BO through devices only are accounted in BO Daily Account
  13. Manual Transactions of BOs will be accounted in the Daily Account of Account Office
  14. CBS transactions should be either manual or completely in CBS Client Application of DARPAN in Branch Offices. There must not be partial work on device and partial manually
  15. CBS Transactions of Non-CSI Offices also got automatically posted in Non-CSI Profit Centre.
  16. Branch Post Offices continue posting of the CBS and PLI/RPLI transactions through the option provided in CSI of the Device in order to generate BO’s Daily Account while performing Day End.
  17. Post GL Integration, the each Account Transfer individually should be done proper in the case of request received from Customer along with the scenario prevails under Merger/closure /otherwise of offices 

New TCode for listing Manual Voucher Posting in CBS

Dear Sir,

Any transactions done outside finacle will not be extracted in GL. These certificates have come for closure and we cannot migrate it immediately also.

Hence it has to be closed manually with necessary error book entries and approval of competent authority . POs should not use this an opportunity to do manual voucher posting .

Further there is a T CODE in CSI-

ZFSI_DOC_LOG which will list all manual voucher posting for CBS transactions.

As part of vigilance these reports should be checked. When these manual voucher posting is reflecting, there should be necessary error book and approval.

Thanks and Regards

Gopinath S
Inspector Posts
Data Migration Command Centre(CBS)
Chennai 600 002

Thursday, February 21, 2019

New URL for Employee Self Service in CSI

A new URL has been provided by TCS for opening employee portal for working in Employee self service. Kindly circulate it among all officials.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

New version 3.0 of LIC_TEXT_TO_POS_BULK_UPLOAD_FILE_CREATOR is released on 11/08/2018

Based on feedback and suggestion from a user, LIC_TEXT_TO_POS_BULK_UPLOAD_FILE_CREATOR tool is updated and new version 3.0.0 is released.

What is new in version 3.0.0
1. Added support for BNPL.
2. Minor UI changes.

Version History : Version 2.0.0
1. New UI
2. Added support for text file creation.
3. Compatible with POS version 4.
4. Minor UI changes.
5. Added support for data entry in auto caps mode.

Version History : Version 1.0.0
1. Support for csv and xls file creation.
Thanks & Regards, Rajendran.M Postal Assistant Vaniyambadi SO - 635751.